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What is Jackson Park Watch?

JPW is an Illinois nonprofit organization founded by Hyde Park residents and co-presidents Brenda Nelms and Margaret Schmid.  A virtual organization, it operates within a broad and diverse network of interested individuals and groups.  Over 500 individuals receive its periodic Updates, which are widely recirculated to unknown hundreds more.

JPW  principles:

  • Transparency in decision-making about the Park – no backroom deals
  • Meaningful community input on major changes to the Park – no top-down decisions
  • Preservation of the Park as a democratic public space – priority to local uses and local users, with maximum grass, trees, and open space
  • Development of one comprehensive plan for the entire Park  – forestall its division into unrelated segments

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Through periodic Updates, JPW collects and shares information, encourages attendance at key public meetings, urges concerned individuals to contact public officials and media outlets, and facilitates citizen participation in multiple ways.  To receive Updates, simply e-mail jacksonparkwatch@gmail.com with the request “sign me up.” Jackson Park Watch Updates are emailed via blind carbon-copy (bcc) to maintain privacy.