New!  Jackson Park Watch is now soliciting contributions to support its on-going work of ensuring community input and transparency in major decisions on changes in historic Jackson Park.  Because of its fiscal sponsorship agreement with Friends of the Parks, contributions to Jackson Park Watch are tax deductible.

Why raise funds now?  Because we are at a key point.

Although the Park District has slowed its process of developing a new South Lakefront Framework Plan, the Obama Foundation still intends to take the plans for the Obama Presidential Center to the Chicago Plan Commission well before the end of 2017, and we know the golf course submission will follow in time.

This poses new challenges but also new opportunities.  The Plan Commission process should provide several chances for input by interested individuals and groups.  The Lakefront Protection Ordinance may be germane.  A variety of environmental and historical reviews are likely to be needed.  Other agencies at the city, state and federal levels will be involved.  Various permits will be required.

To ensure that Jackson Park Watch can provide complete and accurate information about this complicated and opaque process and how interested individuals and groups can participate, JPW is retaining legal counsel and related expert assistance – hence the need for funds.  Jackson Park would be dramatically changed by the OPC proposal and related plans as they now stand: it is essential that they be carefully scrutinized and fully vetted.

Send your check, payable to Jackson Park Watch, to:

Jackson Park Watch
PO Box 15302
Chicago, IL 60615

You will receive a receipt for your records indicating that the contribution is tax deductible.  We are not able to accept online gifts at this time.

Individuals considering major donations toward this work but wishing more information about specifics should contact JPW via