Section 106 Letters

January 5: Jackson Park Watch and numerous organizations with which JPW works submitted comments, often raising concerns and questions beyond those related to historic resources and the proposed Areas of Potential Effect. The organizations and their statements include:

  • The Cultural Landscape Foundation
    • TCLF emphasized the Olmsted vision and design of the Park , with important great historical detail
  • The National Association for Olmsted Parks
    • NAOP emphasized comprehensive planning and maintaining the character-defining features of the Park
  • Landmarks Illinois
    • Landmarks Illinois urged expansion of the APE to include additional historic area and Woodlawn, and also consideration of the”GLFER” native habitat restoration project
  • Preservation Chicago
    • Preservation Chicago submitted a wide-range of important factors needed consideration
  • Friends of the Parks
    • FOTP labeled the presence of the OPC in the Park as itself an “adverse effect” on this historic resource
  • Openlands
    • Openlands proposed a useful set of principles that should guide changes in the Park
  • Jackson Park Watch
    • JPW urged that since the closure of Marquette Drive is included in the section 106 review, the proposed golf course merger/expansion should likewise be included
  • Blacks in Green
    • BIG questioned how these reviews could proceed in the absence of final, defined plans
  • Save the Midway
    • Save the Midway argued for inclusion of the full length of the Midway Plaisance and of Washington Park as well in the Area of Potential Effect
  • Midway Plaisance Park Advisory Council
    • MPAC asked that the entire length of the Midway be included in the review and that the existing Midway Framework Plan be included as well
  • 1Woodlawn
    • The 1Woodlawn letter raises concerns about inadequate recreational space, whether the Park will continue to accommodate family reunions and similar activities, potential new traffic and parking problems in Woodlawn, and the need to recognize Woodlawn’s historical heritage.
  • Hyde Park Historical Society
    • The Hyde Park Historical Society contributed concerns about key historical features of Jackson Park that would be adversely impacted by the current Obama Presidential Center design

March 29 section 106 meeting

The next meeting, much delayed, took place March 29. Lengthy Historic Properties Inventory and Archaeoloy Reports were released to consulting parties and others about 10 days in advance, and were briefly reviewed at the meeting (the documents are on line at – scroll down to the March 19, 2018 entry). A webinar of the 3/29 meeting is available on the same site at the March 29 entry. Consulting parties were then given until April 19 to submit comments.  A selection of important consulting party comments appears below. Also, note that, as summarized in a separate piece by The Cultural Landscape Foundation, there was significant push back to how the City facilitators of the section 106 process depicted important issues, as to what was emphasized and what excluded, and more.

Comment from Friends of the Parks:

Comment from Hyde Park Historical Society:

Comment from Jackson Park Watch:

Comment from Jackson Park Watch re: the NEPA process

Comment from Landmarks Illinois:

National Association of Olmsted Parks:

Comment from Openlands:

Comment from Openlands re: the NEPA process

Comment from Preservation Chicago:

Comment from Save The Midway:

Comment from The Cultural Landscape Foundation: